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About Us

In 2010 Steph was working as a Vet Tech at Cornell University Animal Hospital when one night someone dropped off six chicks they had found in abandoned in a cardboard box.  When no one claimed them, she brought them home and we thought, “Won’t it be great to have our own eggs.”  After a week they had doubled in size and the joke was on us!  They weren’t layer chicks, but meat chicks!

We quickly learned all we could about raising meat chickens and when they were ready to be processed, we took them to Steph’s grandfather, who taught us how to butcher them, as he had grown up doing it on his family farm.  The first time we cooked one of those chickens, it completely changed the way we looked at chickens, our food, and how we wanted to live.  Those six chicks in a cardboard box are what started us down the path to where we are now.

Fast forward to 2014. We purchased this farm, which consists of a newer house with an older barn on 42 acres, only forty minutes from Buffalo, NY, which has a blossoming local food scene. This old dairy farm had seen better days, but it had so much potential when you could see through the scrub brush and the golden rod that choked the pastures. The first year we stuck with what we knew, chickens and rabbits, but then started to try new things and to grow as a business.  We were raising our own food, raising a family, (which has now grown to three boys), and learning the many lessons in humility life will constantly teach you.

We spent the next two years re-siding our barn, planning fencing, building shelters, purchasing equipment, mowing the pastures, getting animals out on them and slowly trying to wrest back the land to make it productive once again.  In that time we started selling eggs, chickens, and turkeys to more and more customers, that found us by word of mouth alone.  Within 3 years, we had our products in restaurants in Buffalo.  We have expanded from the eggs, chickens and turkeys that got us started and now exclusively raise pork from heritage breeds and specialize in Mangalitsa genetics.