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A Week in Pictures

I got this new spinning wheel and found the perfect place for it in the corner of my living room. I love how it looks next to this dresser that belonged to my Grandparents.
Christmas napkins on the loom. My first time weaving with 2 shuttles.
The litter of rabbits I’ve been bottle feeding since they were 12 days old, are now 6 weeks old.
Sterling, a German Angora, on the grooming table.
How Ethan does mental math.
We are open every Saturday from 12-3 for customers to come buy pork and eggs. Enya and Libby were ready to greet everyone.
Toy decisions at Target.
New fence across the front of the property and driveway. Now just waiting for the gate..
I can relate to this mama pig.
Our rooster, Snickers, and his hens.
I caught this great sunset as I walked to the barn the other night.
We had an issue with our well and had to haul water from the house all weekend. Thankfully it was fixed this morning.
Chicken and Mushroom Soup.
Getting chores done and keeping an eye on the boys.

2 thoughts on “A Week in Pictures”

  1. I’m already addicted to your blog. It’s nice to hear from your side of the farm after spending so much time talking to Mike about it. I also adore that spinning wheel in that corner, it’s perfect!

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