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Intentionality: Part 1

Last night I deleted all of our subscription streaming services. We had THREE of them. THREE different places to watch movies and tv shows, while we sat in the comfort of our living room, never leaving our house, never even getting up off the couch. How did we end up here, with multiple streaming services to watch on all our devices, in a family that doesn’t value screen time and would prefer to be outside working and playing?

It was so easy to say, “Oh look! Marvel movies!” …….”The kids can watch these shows while I get some things done”…….. “Everyone is watching Tiger King, let’s watch it too”. Now don’t get me wrong, screen time does have its place. My boys love super heroes and enjoy watching Marvel movies with their Dad….. putting my kids in front of a screen has given me many much needed breaks to relax or get some things done….. and Tiger King WAS entertaining. But when it’s a problem is when it’s done mindlessly. When it creeps into your life insidiously, without you realizing that you now have three streaming services and that your kids are asking to watch shows every day instead of being bored or creative, and you are spending most evenings, not talking to your husband, but both staring at screens, one on the table and one in your hands. This isn’t how we want to live our life. It was time for a change.

The final push I needed came yesterday when Grant and I were returning our books to the library. Our local library is less than 10 mins away and while small, it is well stocked and run by librarians who know my children by name and what their interests are. As we were talking to the librarian, Grant ran over to the movie section and started pulling out Marvel and Harry Potter movies. There on the shelves were all the movies we had been watching or wanting to watch on those streaming services! Not only that, but we were here in our community, supporting the local library that we love so much, talking to a REAL PERSON, while my son was learning lessons in manners, communication and patience. Plus he and I were spending quality one on one time together, which can be hard to come by when you are the middle child. It’s really a win all around. By coming to the library to check out movies, we were being INTENTIONAL with our choice. Is it more time and effort, to get in the car and drive to the library? Yes it is. It’s so much easier to sit on the couch and press a button. Too easy.

By making things so easy, by continuing this mindless consumption, I lost sight of what I value. It’s more important than ever to be out in the world, be engaged in it, have real experiences, and be part of your community. I want my boys to experience the delayed gratification of having to choose the movie and then wait for movie night, one of the few nights their Dad is off this week, and we can all sit down as a family and enjoy that movie. That’s exactly what we will be doing tonight.

More on that in the next post…… Intentionality : Part 2

3 thoughts on “Intentionality: Part 1”

  1. We LOVE our local library and librarian! She knows our names and interests (and also knows when we inadvertently return a book from our home library and returns it to us)! People these days are really missing out by not utilizing their libraries!

  2. Fabulous insights! It’s always those small things that creep in; they aren’t small at all. They set the tone for so much of how we perceive our world! Great thoughts…

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